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Do you know how to choose different materials for plastic Shredder?

2020-12-22 11:40:18

Plastic shredder has become a national leader in promoting green and healthy living environment. We know that the plastic crusher can crush ordinary plastic bottles, plastic buckets, plastic cups, plastic bags, tires, toiletries, school stationery and daily necessities. It is not a problem when we encounter materials with higher hardness, such as the shell of TV, washing machine and computer. As a result, many investors have identified this business opportunity. However, for different materials, how to choose the plastic Shredder?


Plastic film shredder factory

How to choose different materials for plastic shredder

1、 The selection of low speed crusher can make the crushing particles more uniform, and the low speed can make the motor have longer service life and low noise.

2、 Heavy crusher with large size and high horsepower can be used to deal with materials quickly.

3、 The powerful crusher has the same function as the heavy crusher above. Besides high horsepower, the crushing range is wider: pipe, profile, sheet, material, container, TV shell, car bumper, etc.

4、 The noise produced by crushing hard materials is not small by using the sound insulation crusher. The sound insulation crusher can reduce the noise transmission, and the low-noise working environment is more harmonious with the surrounding environment.

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