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Jwell machinery fully supports the construction of

2020-03-09 09:03:22

In order to respond to the development direction of national large-scale infrastructure and new infrastructure, and support the infrastructure construction of 5g network communication industry, Jwell machinery has organized excellent personnel to carry out technological innovation on 5g base station radome, communication grid tube and other equipment.


In the future, the Internet of things has become a visible trend. While using the Internet of things technology, Jwellmachinery is also contributing to the construction of network technology. Through more than 20 years of research and development practice, Jwell machinery has optimized and adjusted the structure of 5g base station radome, communication grid tube and other products, from the efficient and stable operation of production equipment to the improvement of product quality. Jwell has been working hard in the plastic extrusion industry for more than 20 years. As one of the well-known manufacturers of extrusion equipment in China, Jwell fully supports the development of national infrastructure and new infrastructure projects.


5g radome extrusion line


Radome is a structure to protect the antenna system from the external environment. It has good electromagnetic wave penetration characteristics in electrical performance. Outdoor antenna is usually placed in the open air, which is directly affected by storms, ice and snow, dust and solar radiation in nature, resulting in reduced accuracy, shortened service life and poor reliability of the antenna.


Radome product requirements


1) Low dielectric constant and low loss factor;


2) As small and light as possible;


3) It works normally when the wind speed is 36m / s, and does not damage when the wind speed is 55m / s;


4) It works normally in the range of - 40 ~ 60 ℃ and 0 ~ 100% relative humidity;


5) Moisture proof, anti salt spray, anti mold, anti thermal oxygen aging, anti low temperature impact.


5g network communication tube extrusion line


The communication grid is made of polyvinyl chloride, which is mainly made of PVC, with toughening agent, anti-aging agent and other auxiliary additives. It is a new type of optical fiber cable protecting sleeve, which is integrated with sheath and sub tubes. It is a new type of optical fiber cable protecting sleeve. It is convenient for fiber optic cable to guide, isolate and protect. The products have obvious advantages of improving work efficiency, saving cost, installing conveniently, and being reliable and reliable.


Equipment advantages


1) Special design screw structure, good plasticization;


2) Small cutting speed and long service life;


3) Save the cost of space and manpower, improve the production efficiency;


4) Beautiful appearance, high degree of automation, stable and reliable production.


Sjzs-65plus high speed conical twin screw extruder


Equipment introduction:


1) A newly designed high-speed conical twin-screw extruder for PVC powder processing;


2) Drive motor power: 55kW;


3) Equipment design output: 350kg / h max;


4) Compared with ordinary 65 cone twin screw extruder, it has obvious advantages, higher output, more energy saving, etc


Equipment advantages:


1) New screw structure, suitable for high speed, high yield requirements;


2) The adoption of new type reducer can ensure the smooth operation and low noise of the equipment, and effectively reduce the floor area of the whole machine;


3) The use of energy-saving heating ring can effectively reduce heating energy consumption;


4) Based on the design concept of ergonomics, it is more conducive to operation and maintenance;


5) The use of jw-ics19 industrial control system makes it possible for customers to monitor the whole plant equipment.


Pvc-sjz65 / 132plus 240 network communication pipe extrusion line


Equipment advantages:


1) The overall structure is optimized and the operation is more stable;


2) Specially designed vacuum setting table ensures good cooling effect and higher production line speed;


3) The design of tractor is reasonable, convenient for maintenance and operation;


4) The cutting machine adopts a new saw blade structure, which is simple and firm, ensuring the stability of long-term operation.


Brief introduction of performance characteristics of grid pipe


Grating tube is widely used in optical fiber communication, cable TV, power cable, multimedia transmission and other basic engineering, is a new and practical photoelectric communication facilities supporting products.


The product has green environmental protection, recyclable, high compressive strength, light weight, long service life, smooth inner wall, small friction, convenient construction, can resist the influence of external forces, protect the light and cable function; the standard length of nine hole grid pipe is 6 meters, in the actual construction, the redundant cut off short section at the end can still be used in the appropriate section, the material utilization rate is high, and the project cost is relatively low The cost can be reduced by more than 30% by using the method of secondary pipe penetration into each sub hole.

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