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Jwell machinery launched PP melt blown non-woven fabric extrusion line

2020-07-25 09:03:22

A blueprint, the key is to do. Shanghai Jwell extrusion Co., Ltd. timely innovated, with the help of many years of experience in chemical fiber spinning and melt blown non-woven fabric industry, received the urgent instructions and requirements of many old customers and relevant government leaders during the epidemic period, gave up the Spring Festival holiday, organized elite officers to return to work ahead of time, and strongly launched PP melt blown non-woven fabric extrusion production line to meet the demand of medical mask equipment, which was recognized by the industry. Jwell machinery, as one of the world's well-known manufacturers of plastic extrusion equipment, shows the responsibility of a large enterprise in order to solve the difficult situation of global one cover.


The R & D and production of PP melt blown non-woven extrusion production line is only the epitome of Jwell company's years of steady work. The epidemic situation is a test of the company's preparations in the past, and the crisis shows the long-term development of the enterprise. Shanghai Jwell extrusion Co., Ltd. cooperates with the well-known melt blown fabric raw material manufacturer - Dawn Group and leading enterprises in various industries in China to fully support the global "anti epidemic" work.


As we all know, melt blown non-woven fabric is the core material of medical protective masks, and it is also the key to fight a good anti epidemic war. Shanghai Jwell extrusion company, through its own technical advantages for many years, can quickly provide 1300mm-3200mm wide PP melt blown fabric production line, using high-quality core components, advanced production line technology and high degree of automation. At present, more than 30 sets of high-performance and high-yield production lines have been put into production As the core part of the production line, the melt blown die head is fully supported by the industry partners, which effectively shortens the production cycle and provides a strong guarantee for the rapid production and anti epidemic protection of users.


Equipment advantages


1) Professional screw design experience, good plasticizing effect, stable performance, suitable for high yield extrusion;


2) High precision filtration system and melt metering system, real-time closed-loop control, stable extrusion pressure;


3) High precision extrusion die head and spinneret assembly to meet the production of high quality products;


4) Full automatic online slitting and winding system, high speed and stable operation;


5) Professional high temperature belt netting system, optimized design of negative pressure system;


6) Siemens brand high performance PLC integrated control system is adopted;


7) One stop service, equipped with high temperature calciner, electrostatic electret, vacuum cleaning and testing equipment;



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