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Jwell machinery fully supports the construction of

2020-03-06 09:03:22

The hard battle against the epidemic has not been finished, and the hard battle of "post epidemic reconstruction" has been started. The killer of the hard battle of "stabilizing the economy" is "big infrastructure". Jwell machinery fully supports the construction of big infrastructure power network.


Equipment advantages:


1) Special design screw structure, good plasticization, high output; 2) energy saving effect reached 35%, its production efficiency more than doubled than the ordinary production line;


3) Save the cost of space and manpower, improve the production efficiency;


4) Beautiful appearance, centralized control, high degree of automation, stable and reliable production.


Main product parameters


The technical parameters of MPP power tube extrusion line independently developed by Jwell machinery are better than those of domestic similar products, and some performance indexes are better than those of foreign similar products


Product characteristics and application fields


1) MPP power pipe uses modified polypropylene as the main raw material, which is easy to use, reduces the damage to the road, and has a wide range of applications. It has good insulation, high temperature resistance, strong compression performance, light weight, convenient construction, smooth inner and outer walls, small friction, long service life and good performance.


2) MPP trenchless power pipe construction is more convenient, reduces the damage to the road, and has a wide range of application. It can also be used to lay pipelines in some areas where excavation can not be carried out, such as historic sites protection area, downtown area, crop and farmland protection area, expressway, river and so on. It is suitable for laying pipes and pipes of high-voltage transmission lines and cables above 1OkV.

Application fields: Municipal Engineering, power engineering, wharf engineering, highway, bridge engineering, airport, subway engineering, etc


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