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How to clean the plastic Shredder?

2020-12-22 11:40:18

Plastic shredder is the killer of plastic waste. The appearance of plastic shredder brings convenience to everyone's life. But the cleaning method for accessories is also very important. Only when the accessories are cleaned on time, can they not drop the chain at work. How to clean it? We can choose according to the specific cleaning properties. For manual cleaning, the relevant accessories of the plastic crusher should be disassembled, the water in the cleaning pool should be heated to 80 , and kerosene and diesel oil should be added for soaking. When the water in the cleaning pool is reduced to the temperature of the human body, the dust and sundries in the plastic crusher accessories can be brushed off with a cleaning brush, and then they can be wiped with cotton gauze.

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There are several ways to clean the plastic shredder

Then put the parts of the plastic crusher into the container with diesel oil and kerosene cleaning solution, and use cotton yarn to scrub or brush. This method is easy to operate, but low efficiency, suitable for single small batch, small parts. If gasoline is not available, it will damage health and cause fire.

Spray cleaning: spray the cleaning liquid with pressure and temperature on the surface of plastic crusher parts, so as to achieve the effect of removing oil. The effect of this method is very obvious, and the production efficiency is high, but the equipment is complex, which is suitable for cleaning parts with uncomplicated shape and serious oil dirt on the surface.

Boiling and washing: put the prepared solution and the cleaned parts of the plastic crusher into the cleaning pool, heat it to 80 ℃ to 90 ℃ with the stove under the pool, and cook and wash for 3 min to 5 min.

Ultrasonic cleaning: relying on the chemical action of the cleaning solution and the ultrasonic oscillation in the cleaning solution, the oil on the parts of the plastic crusher can be removed.

The above is the cleaning method of the plastic shredder summarized by the technical personnel, hoping to bring help to the majority of users. For more information, please pay attention to the official website of Changzhou Dayun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd!

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