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Pay homage to the hero -- pay homage to the colleagues who stick to their posts overseas!

2020-12-16 09:03:22

On December 17, 2020, Jwell machinery Changzhou Industrial Park held a grand welcome ceremony to warmly welcome the debugging heroes working in Vietnam back as scheduled. To our most handsome anti walker with the most sincere respect!


Mr. Liu Chunhua and Mr. Cai Chuncai from Liyang factory of Jwell Machinery Co., Ltd. jointly presented certificates and prizes to the two heroes who returned triumphantly. Thank them for their hard work and the silent support of their families!

In the difficult time of COVID-19's global destruction, the two debugger Zhang Yi Heng and Liu Zhicheng are coming out to the front line without hesitation.


During their stay abroad, they have always been customer-centered and eager for customers' needs. It fully shows Jwell people's courageous spirit of striving and innovation! Finally, we fulfilled our responsibilities and mission to ensure the smooth installation and commissioning of production lines of multiple customers.

If we meet again after a long separation, a thousand words may not be worth a deep look and a warm hug with our family. After the end of isolation and family reunion, is to give them a better gift!


At the same time, there are still a group of Jwell employees all over the world striving for the company to win the trust of customers. It is precisely because of these Jwell people who are not afraid of danger, brave and do their best to provide customers with "excellent quality, perfect as one" service that Jwell can flourish and develop healthily in 23 years of ups and downs and move towards a more brilliant future! Salute our hero!

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