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Changzhou Jwell sheet and film technology won the gold medal of science and Technology Innovation Design Competition

2020-12-10 09:03:22

Changzhou Jwell sheet film technology Co., Ltd. is located in Jwell Industrial Park, Zhongguancun, Liyang City, Jiangsu Province. It is a technology company specializing in R & D and manufacturing of extrusion equipment for blister packaging sheet, plastic sheet and polymer waterproof membrane.


The factory covers an area of nearly 400 mu, with a high-quality R & D team and experienced mechanical and electrical after-sales team, as well as a perfect machining base and standard assembly workshop.


In line with the mission of "striving for innovation and focusing on customer experience", the company continues to explore new areas and new formulas on the basis of the existing business level. Strive to improve the overall operating efficiency and profitability of the company, and contribute to the economic development of Liyang.

A new generation of TPO / HDPE polymer waterproof roll production line, solid roll composite process, high degree of automation, good manufacturing accuracy, can produce ultra wide waterproof roll products, is our company tailored according to customer demand, overcome the limitations of wide, achieve the goal of large output, low energy consumption, give play to the advantages of convenient construction and operation.


With the continuous deepening of the national sustainable development strategy, the application field of environmental protection plastic products is expanding. I believe this project will also win the favor of the market, and will gradually become the mainstream equipment for domestic production of TPO / HDPE waterproof membrane.


The product has outstanding technological innovation, reasonable layout of human-computer interface, simple and generous appearance design, and obvious effect of innovative design. It won the gold award of industrial product group of China Liyang Tianmu Lake innovative design competition in 2020 with a bonus of 30000 yuan. The certificate is issued by Jiangsu Industrial Design Association.

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