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DYSSG Series Pipe Crusher and Shredder Unit

DYSSG Series Pipe Crusher and Shredder Unit

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DYSSG series shredders can be used for shredding PE, PP and PVC pipes with a diameter of 1600MM. Pipes with a length of 3-6M can be directly crushed without splitting. The rotation speed is stable. After being placed into the horizontal feeding trough, pipe can be pushed into the center of the by hydraulic propulsion as the feeding trough closed automatically. The shredded material is brought into the crusher by a conveyor for secondary crushing for the required broken granule size.

The main advantage of the DYSSG series shredder system is that it saves a lot of segmentation labor and sawing waste, saves energy and reduces consumption. It is safe and efficient. The whole system is controlled by the PLC central control system.

ModelRotor Dia. (mm)Drive Power(kw)Shreddable Pipe Dia. Max.     (mm)Output (kg/h)
DYSSG-630         Φ848      2×30            630800-1000
DYSSG-800         Φ1028      2×37            8001000-1200
DYSSG-1000         Φ1258      2×45            10001200-1500
DYSSG-1200         Φ1478      2×55            12001500-2000
DYSSG-1600         Φ1968      2×110            16001800-2500


Feed Mouth Size   (mm)

Main Motor Power  (kw)

Rotor Blade        (pcs.)Fixed Blade         (pcs.)Rotor Dia.        (mm)



DYPS-P 700700×700        22        6       4    Φ500     500
DYPS-P 800800×800        45        6       4    Φ600     700
DYPS-P 10001000×800        75       10       4    Φ700     1000
DYPS-P 12001200×1000       110       14       4    Φ800     1500
DYPS-P 15001500×1200       160       18       4  Φ1000     2000


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