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A trip to northern Xinjiang

2020-07-25 09:03:22

In the early summer of this year, marketing elites accepted the invitation of grassland and set foot on the journey of Xinjiang. Only in this season can Xinjiang show us the beautiful grassland scenery. Our destination is northern Xinjiang, which is like a natural water vapor channel under the blessing of Tianshan and Altai Mountains. The warm and humid air from the Atlantic Ocean can't cross the Pamirs and enter the southern Xinjiang. But along the Eurasian plain, all the way unimpeded, blowing into the Ili River Valley in Northern Xinjiang, blowing into the mountains of Altay, bringing rain, thus forming a beautiful Ili River Valley, where there are good pastures, cattle and sheep, horses and grasslands.

2020-07-05(Day 1)

On the morning of July 5, marketing elites and some of their family members gathered at Hongqiao Airport to meet Chaoyang and flew to Urumqi by China Southern Airlines. In the afternoon, we came to Urumqi, Xinjiang, and had a close contact with the unique Xinjiang cuisine. We strolled in the bazaar and slowly tasted the local conditions and customs of Xinjiang. Started a nine day trip to northern Xinjiang


2020-07-06(Day 2)



2020-07-07(Day 3)

Nala raises the empty grassland and valley grassland, with an average altitude of 1600 meters. Due to the heavy rainfall here, the thick black land provides rich nutrition for the plants here, and the Gongnaisi river running through the whole prairie provides sufficient water for this land.

The vast pasture, light, shallow air grassland, let us free swing. Life always depends on a sunset with nine twists and eighteen bends. Marketing elites are lucky to welcome it hand in hand.


2020-07-08(Day 4)

Drive all the way from bayinbruck to Tekes. We are welcomed by the local Kazakh characteristics - roast whole sheep, the children sing a song "Youth" to open a rich dinner. Together, marketing elites sing a song "friends", let's get together and share delicious dinner. The Kazakh dance around the bonfire is particularly noisy. My heart is beating violently, and one wonderful program after another is coming. It pushes the atmosphere of the dinner party to the peak of joy. Everyone is immersed in a sea of joy, and everyone's joy is beyond expression.



2020-07-09(Day 5)

Kalajun prairie is like a fairyland. We are fascinated by this beautiful realm. A piece of pure and beautiful pasture with the texture of flannelette and natural gullies outline the calm meadow as waves raised by the sea, adding a kind of dynamic beauty to the prairie, which is known as the "human Grassland" of the beauty of human body.


2020-07-10(Day 6)

Riding from qiongkushitai to kalajun prairie, across steep mountain road, through jungle, across river, over board, thrilling. The whole journey is about 19km, 15km by bike, over two mountains, and 4km by foot, to experience the beauty of paradise in the depths of Tianshan Mountain. Give a compliment to the four accompanying children. They are all very brave and insist on going to the destination.


2020-07-11(Day 7)

The children hold up the eagle and open the door of Xiata, which is the transportation station of ancient Yili Aksu. The shata river flows out of the mountains, cuts across the flat grassland and joins the vast Turks river. Xiata gorge is a unique ancient cultural landscape composed of mountain pass, ancient road, ancient ruins, folk custom and natural landscape.


2020-07-12(Day 8)

In the morning from the hotel to lavender base. Under the hot sun, lavender is harvest season. Herdsmen in the grass field are busy harvesting lavender. The breeze is blowing, and the blue waves are swaying with the wind, which is very spectacular. A light green fragrance floats over, and you are in the purple sea of flowers, which makes you intoxicated and forgetful. The flowers are lovely!


2020-07-13(Day 9)

Take the evening flight back to Shanghai, Sailimu Lake, lavender garden, Xiata scenic spot, kalajun grassland, kuoksu human grassland, Nalati grassland, Bayinbuluke, Jiuqu and shibawan At the end of the 9-day trip to northern Xinjiang, I can't calm down for a long time and have endless aftertaste. The beauty and scale of Xinjiang is amazing!


Happiness belongs to those who work hard and make money. If you want to be the companion of the next tour, please take action! Let's work together to be a good self, seize the day and live up to our youth!

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