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What should we pay attention to in the process of using single screw granulator?

2020-12-22 11:40:18

The quality of the single screw granulator will directly affect the application scope and productivity of the extruder. The single screw granulator has internal mixing, feeding and extrusion sections. Customers can choose according to the actual use environment. So what should we pay attention to in the process of using the single screw granulator?


1. It is strictly forbidden for irrelevant personnel to talk with the equipment operator, and only one person is allowed to operate the button command on the electronic control panel.


2. Regularly check the insulation effect of wires and circuits, and always pay attention to the warning content on the warning board of the machine.


3, before the power distribution cabinet has been cut off, it is strictly forbidden for non professional personnel to open the cabinet door; it is strictly prohibited to adjust the cutter before the cutter is completely stationary.


Jwell pet granulator

4. When the moving parts and hopper are blocked, do not use hands or iron bars, but only use plastic bars to handle them carefully.


5. When touching high temperature parts, be careful of scalding; when kneading machine is working, it is strictly forbidden for workers to extend their upper body into the barrel to visit or pick up materials.


6. In case of power failure, the motor circuit should be cut off and the materials in the machine should be cleaned up in time, otherwise the next production will be affected after the carbonization of the materials.


7. When the machine breaks down, stop the machine operation as soon as possible, and do not make any claims on your own. And inform and wait for the maintenance personnel to check and repair or telephone to guide maintenance.


The above is the single screw granulator in the process of using some matters to pay attention to, single screw granulator is not only limited to high speed, high yield requirements, high adaptability (suitable for a variety of materials processing, such as metal, ceramics, etc.) is also people's pursuit of its development, with people's vigorous research and improvement, single screw granulator will develop to a broader range.

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